About Mary
I fell in love with drawing and painting as a child and  was encouraged by my parents to approach life with creativity.
It helped that my Dad was a professional photographer who saw life from an artists' eye. Mom was a hobby painter who studied with some excellent mentors early in her life.

 One day my Mom took me  into a farmer's field (I was about 9) and we set up to paint.  She picked up some purple on her brush, and began to paint the barn before her. I looked ahead...."Where on earth does she see purple?" I was looking at a big old grey, falling down  barn? 
 She said to me, "Look.... look in the shadows, see the colour?..see the shapes the shadows make?" That was one of those life changing moments. I began to see. Now, everywhere I look, I "see".

 After raising a family and dabbling in painting  in my spare time, I challenged myself  to think seriously about and study painting. And so I do, every day. Having raised my family of three, I'm now able to follow my dream. I paint every day, and continue to discover new avenues of expression. I work in Fine Oils, a personal preference, and love the amazing pigments at my disposal with which to convey my vision to you. I have studied with professional artists for nine years and continue to grow my practice with new eyes and painting knowledge. 

This was a FUN project! I handpainted this billboard in two days, in 102 degree heat, up on a motorized scaffold.
It was rotated around different billboard structures in the Palm Springs, California area  for months, and I never knew when I turned down a highway where I was going to see it.

This billboard was nominated for an ADDY Award, the Oscar's of advertising!
The artist is nothing without the gift, 
but the gift is nothing without work.
~Emile Zola~