Summers' Past
72" x 48"
Summers' Past is the final painting in a series of works that has focused on the study of light and color and the playful interaction of children’s toys. This investigation began with an innocent arrangement of glass marbles placed on a shiny surface. As I studied the way in which light passed through the glass and spilled onto the surface a new story emerged through the reflections and a new dialogue began to take place.
 Introducing jacks into the composition resulted in another layer of tension prompted by their dark outlines and sharp edges. At one point, toy soldiers became part of the diorama, becoming symbols of a more sinister reality.
 Summer's Past harkens back to the innocence of pre-war and returns the toys to their intended use. Summer light passes through the glass, reflecting the clouds and greenery. Although compositional tension remains, the mood is playful, bright, and hopeful. A mirrored star symbolizes hope, but reminds us in its reflection that the sharp shapes are still there.